WhatsApp Plus

Customizable Themes Unlimited Emojis Password Protection Auto-Reply Feature

Whatsapp Plus is the best & most advanced Mod of whatsapp that includes awesome privacy options and dozens of Plus features. WhatsApp, with its simple and efficient messaging platform, has become an integral part of our daily communication

WhatsApp Plus

Whatsapp Plus is the best & most advanced Mod of whatsapp that includes awesome privacy options and dozens of Plus features. WhatsApp, with its simple and efficient messaging platform, has become an integral part of our daily communication. However, for those seeking a more tailored and feature-rich experience, WhatsApp Plus emerges as a compelling alternative. WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of the popular messaging app, WhatsApp, offering a plethora of unique features that cater to a diverse range of preferences.


In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deep into the top features of WhatsApp Plus, exploring how this modified app enhances your messaging experience while maintaining the core functionality of WhatsApp.

Customizable Themes

WhatsApp Plus allows you to choose from a wide range of themes, enabling you to personalize your chat interface to an unprecedented extent. You can change the background color, chat bubble styles, fonts, and even the overall color scheme to create a unique look that suits your taste. Whether you prefer a sleek and professional look or a more vibrant and playful aesthetic, WhatsApp Plus gives you the tools to craft the perfect chat environment

 Privacy Control

Privacy is paramount in the digital age, and WhatsApp Plus takes it to the next level. You can hide your online status, blue ticks, and even typing indicators, granting you more control over who knows when you’re active and reading messages. This feature is especially valuable for those who value their privacy and want to maintain a discreet online presence.

Enhanced File Sharing

WhatsApp Plus raises the file sharing limits, which is a boon for professionals and multimedia enthusiasts. Unlike the standard WhatsApp, which restricts the size of files you can send, WhatsApp Plus allows you to share larger files with ease. Whether you’re sending high-definition videos, extensive documents, or a collection of high-resolution photos, WhatsApp Plus ensures that you can transmit your data without compression or compromise.

Extended Character Limit

Communication often demands more than a few sentences. WhatsApp Plus understands this need and allows you to send messages with extended character limits. No longer do you need to break your thoughts into multiple parts or sacrifice clarity for brevity. With WhatsApp Plus, you can express yourself fully and comprehensively, making your conversations more fluid and meaningful.

Anti-Delete Messages

We’ve all experienced the frustration of receiving a message, only to have the sender delete it moments later. WhatsApp Plus eliminates this issue by retaining deleted messages. You can see what was said, even if the sender decided to remove it. This feature ensures that important information is never lost, and it provides a sense of transparency in your conversations.

Message Scheduling

Life can get busy, and it’s easy to forget to send a crucial message on time. WhatsApp Plus solves this problem with the message scheduling feature. You can plan your messages, setting specific times for them to be sent. Whether it’s sending birthday wishes at midnight or ensuring you never miss an important business deadline, WhatsApp Plus has you covered.

Customizable Notifications

WhatsApp Plus provides extensive options for customizing notifications, allowing you to tailor your messaging experience to your preferences. You can change notification tones, vibration patterns, and even the LED color for different contacts or groups. This level of customization ensures that you can instantly identify the importance of a message based on its notification, streamlining your communication.

Auto-Reply Feature

For those with hectic schedules, WhatsApp Plus offers an auto-reply feature that can be a lifesaver. You can customize auto-reply messages for specific contacts or during specific hours. This functionality ensures that you never miss an important message or leave someone hanging, even when you can’t respond immediately.

Unlimited Emojis

Expressing yourself through emojis has become a staple of modern communication. WhatsApp Plus not only embraces this trend but enhances it by offering an extensive collection of emojis, including some exclusive ones. This feature allows you to add a personal touch to your messages, making your conversations more engaging and expressive. Whether you’re thrilled, puzzled, or simply sending a friendly greeting, WhatsApp Plus has the perfect emoji for the occasion.

Built-in DND Mode

WhatsApp Plus understands the need for undisturbed moments and includes a built-in Do Not Disturb (DND) mode. With a single tap, you can mute all incoming messages and notifications, allowing you to concentrate on your work, studies, or personal time without interruption. This feature empowers you to control when and how you engage with your messages, fostering a healthier balance between technology and life.

Group Features

WhatsApp Plus takes group management to the next level with a suite of features designed to make your group chats more efficient and enjoyable. You can send broadcast messages to multiple groups simultaneously, simplifying your communication with various social circles or teams. Additionally, WhatsApp Plus increases the group member limit, ensuring that you can accommodate larger communities and collaborate with more people effortlessly.

Status Character Limit

Your WhatsApp status is your digital billboard, and WhatsApp Plus recognizes the importance of making a statement. While the standard WhatsApp limits the character count for status updates, WhatsApp Plus increases this limit, allowing you to share longer thoughts, quotes, or stories with your contacts. This expanded canvas enables you to express yourself more fully and share meaningful updates that resonate with your audience.

Extended Status Duration

WhatsApp Plus lets you set your status for an extended period, ensuring that your status message stays visible to your contacts for as long as you want. Whether you’re sharing an exciting event, an inspirational quote, or simply updating your status with your latest thoughts, Whats Plus ensures that your message has a more extended lifespan, giving your contacts ample time to engage with it.

Password Protection

Security is a top priority for many WhatsApp users, and Whats Plus provides an additional layer of protection. You can keep your chats safe and secure with password protection, allowing you to set a PIN or use your device’s fingerprint sensor to access the app. This feature ensures that even if someone gains physical access to your phone, your chats remain private and inaccessible.

In-App Video Player

Watching videos is a common part of our digital communication, and WhatsApp Plus streamlines this experience by including an in-app video player. You can watch videos shared in chats without leaving the app, saving you time and effort. Whether it’s a funny clip, an informative tutorial, or a memorable moment shared by a friend, WhatsApp Plus ensures that you can enjoy multimedia content seamlessly.

Conversation Styles

WhatsApp Plus understands that individual preferences vary, and it empowers you to customize your chat interface even further with various conversation styles. You can choose from options like iOS, Hangouts, and more, altering the overall look of your chats to match your preferred aesthetic. Whether you want a familiar design reminiscent of other messaging apps or a unique style that sets WhatsApp Plus apart, this feature allows you to tailor your experience to your liking.

Hide View Status

Viewing your contacts’ status updates without leaving a trace is made possible with WhatsApp Plus. The “Hide View Status” feature ensures that you can see what your friends are sharing without them knowing you’ve seen it. This feature strikes a balance between curiosity and privacy, allowing you to keep tabs on your contacts’ status updates discreetly.

Diverse Chat Bubbles

Chat bubbles are a fundamental element of messaging apps, and WhatsApp Plus recognizes the value of personalization. You can personalize your chat bubbles with different colors, sizes, and styles, making your conversations visually appealing and easy to navigate. Whether you prefer a minimalist design or a burst of vibrant colors, WhatsApp Plus lets you create a chat environment that resonates with you.

 Hide Contact Name

Privacy is a top concern for many WhatsApp users, and WhatsApp Plus offers an additional layer of discretion by allowing you to hide contact names in the chat header. Instead of displaying the contact’s name, only the phone number is visible. This feature ensures that even if someone glances at your phone, the identity of your chat contacts remains a secret.

Anti-Ban Protection

WhatsApp Plus users often worry about the potential repercussions of using a modified app. To address this concern, Whats Plus includes built-in anti-ban protection. This feature helps prevent your account from getting banned for using a modified version of the app, offering peace of mind to those who want to explore the app’s enhanced features without fear of losing access to their WhatsApp account.

Custom Chat Folders

Organizing your chats becomes a breeze with Whats Plus’s custom chat folders. You can create folders and categorize your chats based on your preferences. Whether you want to group chats by family, friends, colleagues, or specific topics, WhatsApp Plus ensures that your chat list remains organized and easy to navigate. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who have numerous active conversations and want to maintain order in their chat list.

Offline Mode

There are times when you want to use WhatsApp without revealing your online status. WhatsApp Plus caters to this need with its Offline Mode feature. Even when you’re online, you can stay invisible to your contacts, allowing you to observe conversations and messages without actively engaging. This feature is ideal for users who value their privacy and want to maintain a low-key presence on the platform.

Enhanced Backup Options

Backing up your chats and media is essential for preserving valuable conversations and memories. WhatsApp Plus offers more backup options than the standard WhatsApp, allowing you to save your data to various cloud services or your device. Whether you prefer the security of cloud storage or want to keep your backups on your local device, Whats Plus ensures that your data is protected and accessible when you need it.

Easy Installation

Unlike some other modded WhatsApp versions that can be challenging to install and set up, WhatsApp Plus is relatively straightforward to download and configure. This accessibility makes it a viable option for a broader user base, ensuring that more people can explore the app’s enhanced features without technical barriers. With Whats Plus, you don’t need to be a tech-savvy individual to enjoy the benefits of a customized messaging experience.

Whatsapp Plus vs. Official Whatsapp

Whatsapp Plus is a modded version that offers all the core features of Whatsapp and many additional features that are not offered by the official app. Here is a comprehensive comparison of both apps in the form of a table.

FeatureWhatsApp Plus   Official WhatsApp
CustomizationHighly customizable with themes, fonts, and colorsLimited customization options.
Privacy OptionsOffers advanced privacy settings, including the ability to hide online status and more.Provides basic privacy settings.
ThemesSupports custom themes and the ability to apply third-party themes.Limited theme options.
Media SharingAllows sending larger video and audio files compared to the official version.Has file size limitations for media sharing.
Anti-BanClaims to have anti-ban features to prevent account suspension.Official WhatsApp is less likely to result in bans.
EmojisOffers additional emoji sets and customization options.Standard emojis are supported.
Message RecallSupports message recall (delete messages for everyone) with extended time frames.Supports message recall but with shorter time frames.
Group MembersLarger group sizes, allow more members in a group chat.Official WhatsApp has a smaller limit for group sizes.
Status UpdatesEnhanced status features with more options for text and media sharing.Standard status updates with limited options.
File TypesAllows sharing a wider range of file types.Official WhatsApp supports common file types.
Backup OptionsOffers advanced backup and restore options.Provides basic backup options.
Ad-FreeOften claims to be ad-free.Official WhatsApp may show ads in some regions.
Security   Security concerns due to being a third-party mod.Official WhatsApp is considered more secure.
UpdatesInconsistent updates, potentially lead to compatibility issues.Regularly updated with bug fixes and improvements.
Official StatusNot endorsed or supported by WhatsApp Inc.Developed and maintained by WhatsApp Inc.


Pros & Cons


  • Offers extensive theme, font, and color options for a personalized messaging experience.
  • Provides robust privacy controls, allowing you to hide online status and more.
  • Share larger videos and audio files compared to the official version.
  • Claims to have anti-ban mechanisms to reduce the risk of account suspension.
  • Access additional emoji sets and creative customization choices.
  • Enjoy more extended time frames for deleting messages for everyone in chats.
  • Accommodates larger group sizes, fostering bigger and more inclusive discussions.
  • Enhances status sharing with expanded options for text and media updates.
  • Allows sharing a broader range of file types among contacts.
  • Offers advanced backup and restore features for added data security.
  • Often advertises an ad-free environment for uninterrupted messaging.
  • Access exclusive features not available in the official WhatsApp version.
  • Benefit from a dedicated user community providing tips and tricks for customization.


  • Whats Plus violates WhatsApp’s terms of service, raising legal concerns and potential account bans.
  • Being a third-party mod, it poses security risks like data breaches and malware.
  • Lacks official endorsement or support from WhatsApp Inc., leading to potential instability.
  • Irregular updates may result in compatibility issues with the official WhatsApp version.
  • Whats Plus’ longevity is uncertain; it may stop working or face shutdowns at any time.

Download & Installation

This website is free to visit and download the latest version of Whats Plus. You can download the latest version of this Plus app to enjoy the advanced features of Whatsapp. The app file is scanned for viruses, different hazards, and malware. Hence, you can get this 100% secure app free.

Download the app now and open your device settings on Android. Open the security tab to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. Return to the Apk file, and tap the install button to get the Plus version app with amazing socializing features.

 Whatsapp Plus By Different Developers

Fouad Modsv9.75[Ads Free, Anti-Ban]
AlexModsv17.52[Ads Free, Anti-Ban]
HeyMODSv17.52Contains Ads
whatsapp plus

App NameWhatsapp Plus
DevleporFouad Mods, AlexMods, HeyMODS
Size68 Mb
Android Required5.5 & Upto
UpdatedOne Day Ago


WhatsApp Plus is a feature-rich alternative to the standard WhatsApp application, offering a plethora of customization options and unique features that cater to various preferences. Whether you’re looking for enhanced privacy controls, extended file-sharing capabilities, or simply a more visually appealing chat interface, Whats Plus has you covered.

In the end, Whats Plus stands as a testament to the desire for more customization and control in our messaging apps, pushing the boundaries of what we can do with this ubiquitous platform. Whether you’re a casual user looking to add a personal touch to your chats or a power user seeking advanced features, Whats Plus offers a versatile and engaging messaging experience with its Plus features and privacy settings.


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Is WhatsApp Plus available for iOS devices?

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Is WhatsApp Plus compatible with the latest version of WhatsApp?

Users inquire about the compatibility of WhatsApp Plus with the most recent updates of the official WhatsApp version.

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